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Newsletter no. 62 October 2019

Newsletter no. 62 October 2019

Newsletter Steef and Tineke van 't Slot

Dear friends,
Our love and greetings to you. Three weeks ago we arrived in South Africa. It is Springtime! We are enjoying the sunny weather, the flowers and the masked weavers that build their nests right before our window...  Just praying for rain... weird thing to pray for rain, as Dutch people have learned to dislike the rain, because we usually have too much of it... but here nature is crying out for some water, as are the farmers. 


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Newsletter no. 56 September 2017

Newsletter no. 56 September 2017

Dear friends,

We are so grateful with all your prayers and support! Thank you so much. Here you find an update on where we are and what we do.


Today is the 22nd of September; yesterday was our eldest daughter’s birthday. Happy birthday, girl! We’ve missed it again because of all the travelling. May the Lord reward you for supporting us in going and loving us in spite of all our travels… ;-)


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Trip to Botswana September 2016

Awoken by a dense woodfire smell in our noses, we look around. It is still dark, only 4:30 am. The round hut we are sleeping in is already filled with smoke. Since two weeks we are staying at the Bible college in Molepolole, Botswana. The school is situated in the middle of the communities, a rural setting of mostly small houses and some huts. Everyone makes a fire early morning to cook a big pot of Mieliepap for the whole family.

Our hut has a toilet inside, which is quite luxurious. It also has a shower, a cold one. And since it is end winter here and night temperatures drop to close to 10 C, the water is…   cold!


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Battle won in Tanzania

Battle won in Tanzania

Steef writes from Africa: Dar es Salaam, May 16th 2015. Let me share some reflections with you from a decent but not expensive hotel room, where I spend the last weekend, after half a month in Tanzania. I taught future missionaries, what I love to do most. Well, I enjoyed it, but it didn’t go from self. Humanly speaking this was ‘Murphy’s Law all over again’, but of course it was spiritual opposition. Nothing we couldn’t combat, but a bit disconcerting sometimes...

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What happened in November?

Newsflash November 2014

Dear Friends,

Lots has happened during the last couple of months. Wish we could take you personally on our trips and let you experience life here. That’s why we start this update with some photo’s from the environment where we work, so you will get an idea on what life is all about in these communities. So have a close look at the pictures, then close your eyes, smell the woodfires, listen to the fast Zulu talking, with lots of laughter in between, and… there you are!! ;-)

Although the houses are small and dark, still they are build with bricks, very different from the townships you so often find in Gauteng. A kitchen is nowhere to be found, the people here cook their mieliepap on wood, outside. An average toilet is a longdrop, even if you build a toilet bowl on it… The toilet in the 3rd picture is the church’s toilet, where I give the women’s Biblestudies… not hard to imagine I usually try to wait going till I am ‘home’. ;-)

In the communities we work there is no running water. A watertruc comes once or twice a week and fills up all the vessels people have placed outside. (photo 5) A few weeks ago the truc did not arrive for over a week, maybe it broke down… the people started fighting with one another over the last bit of water that was left… so sad.

The roads in the communities are real bad, non-tarred and lots of holes. Sometimes we had to return because we could not carry on in our (borrowed) sedan. Leaving the car and walk the rest is not something you would do here… We hope to be able to buy a second hand 4x4 in the near future.

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