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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To see the Church in the Developing World grow into a Body that takes the execution of the Great Commission in its entirety seriously, especially the sending of cross-cultural missionaries to the yet unreached people groups on their own continent.

Our Mission

To make the Church in the Developing World conscious of her responsibility to participate in world missions, by vision casting and teaching to everyone, called by God, with special attention for youth and children.

The Field

The Church in the Developing World, also called Majority Church, that we find mainly in the Southern Hemisphere. In Africa for instance, that is a Church of half a billion people, who still have to evangelize 990 unreached people groups on their continent. Of these unreached people about 2/3 adheres to Islam.

The Potential

Africa, for instance, with her half billion Christians, should easily be able to send half a million missionaries. This can be paid from their own means, if for instance every 1,000 Christians would send out 1 missionary.

At least one third of Africa’s population is younger than 15 years. When this young generation become disciples of the Lord, a huge missionary army lies dormant among them. That’s why we expressed our vision for the training of capable children’s workers.