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Newsletter no. 56 September 2017

Newsletter no. 56 September 2017

Dear friends,

We are so grateful with all your prayers and support! Thank you so much. Here you find an update on where we are and what we do.


Today is the 22nd of September; yesterday was our eldest daughter’s birthday. Happy birthday, girl! We’ve missed it again because of all the travelling. May the Lord reward you for supporting us in going and loving us in spite of all our travels… ;-)


Last Summer

We have not communicated during this Summer, but that does not mean there was nothing to write about; actually, it has been quite hectic. We’ve both been able to work much, to cover our personal costs for the whole year, which is a great blessing!
Steef has been in Tanzania during the month of July, teaching at a school of missions in Dar es Salaam. Fourteen students are preparing themselves to evangelize the remaining unreached people groups in this country and it was a great honor and pleasure to teach them missions from the New Testament.

During those weeks I (Tineke) had some special guests in our caravan… all of our 9 grandchildren have had their sleep-over and it was great fun 


At This Moment…

… we are staying in White River. Every time it amazes us how many ministry opportunities we get here to share God’s Word. On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday we give Bible studies in Kabokweni. This is an informal settlement, a town of almost one million African people with a lot of poverty, darkness and witchcraft, but also a place with a great hunger for the Living God, for Truth and for freedom of fear. While reading this we ask you to pray for us, for wisdom and safety while travelling through this area.

This Saturday I will give my teacher’s training on children’s ministry in a church in ‘Back Door’, also part of Kabokweni. 
Two weeks ago we were able to speak together on a marriage seminar and coming Sunday we are invited to also speak on marriage. To us this is new, but we both enjoy it and having been married for 35 years, there’s enough to talk about…


At the beginning of this month we did some interviews for Trans World Radio. Together with our friend Gail Dippenaar, we made 6 radio programs that were broadcast over half the continent. What an incredible opportunity to share our testimony on God’s faithfulness in our lives. Thank you Gail!
The next newsletter will be sent in a few weeks from now. We will be traveling around in South Africa till the end of October. Blessings and good health we pray over you all.

Steef en Tineke van ‘t Slot