Steef and Tineke lived in South Africa with their four children for 8 years. In 2006 they came back as a family, but Steef kept on traveling to teach his courses on mission awareness throughout Africa. Now that the children are all out of the house and having families of their own, they have decided to work in missions together again.

On this website you can read about their adventures, news when traveling as a blog, and Steef's articles on Bible based missiology. 

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Courses and book online

Steef's Introduction to Missions course can now be watched online when you click at the following link: www.quantasa.co.za/wer4m/ 
Book texts are also available as free downloads in the following 6 languages:
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Kirundi and Kiswahili

Newsletter August 2021

Newsletter August 2021

Newsletter Steef and Tineke van 't Slot

Dear friends,
It’s been a while since we sent a newsletter. The reason was the covid outbreak in March 2020. On 1 March that year I returned from my last trip and after that I couldn’t leave anymore because all flights were cancelled. Just before I was about to leave again in Jan. 2021 my pcr test turned out positive, so I had to stay at home. Fortunately I never got sick.
On June 11th I could travel again without problems.

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Article 2021-08 Missionary Security Measure

Chapter 67: Missionary Security Measures


A spiritual war rages between God’s Kingdom and Satan’s domain. Therefore, there is a place for secret missions among God’s soldiers. The latter should be careful with information and communication. Names, strategies and tactics should be kept from hostile observers; sometimes codes need to be used.

Scripture reference

Then Joshua … secretly sent two spies … (Josh. 2:1)

I set out during the night … I had not told anyone … (Neh. 2:12)

The Story

The devil is called ‘the prince of the world’ by Jesus and ‘the god of this world’ by Paul. Since man handed his authority over creation to Satan through disobedience, the devil has occupied that position. When Jesus conquered him, his power is being taken from him gradually in a spiritual war that will eventually encompass the whole world. Christ’s followers are His soldiers, assigned to force Satan and his kingdom backwards and to establish God’s Kingdom in the hearts of people that Satan keeps in bondage. Therefore, evangelism and missions are acts of war, one that cannot be lost, but where God’s people can be wounded and killed. Skill and caution are demanded to fight that war. Part of the mission has secret elements: there must be caution with regard to finding information, personnel deployment, communications, and the planning of strategies and tactics.

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