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What happened in October?

Newsflash October 2014

It’s great to be back in Africa! We have had many ministry opportunities already. We’ll take you on a quick tour through the last few weeks.

Steef taught at the Africa School of Missions (ASM) for a week, sharing his vision for the unreached world with the students and what their role in it may be. There were inspiring personal contacts and our bonus was that Dennis & Mariska visited for some days!

We stay in White River for a few months, at a plot with several cottages, belonging to a friend. The photos show ‘our’ place and the beautiful view.

We work often in the usually poor communities here. We meet lots of beautiful people, whom we can help on their way a bit, spiritually but also materially: a child with a toy, en pregnant woman with baby cloths, a pre-school with materials. All of it stuff you donated or gave money for. Thanks a lot!

I (Tineke) was invited to speak at a women’s conference that was held in the village where Sangoma’s (witchdoctors) are being ‘educated’. Quite a challenge and sometimes a power encounter. In a place like that you experience it! Apart from the conference, I was invited to speak at a seminar for teachers, nice! Just like Steef, who found many more ministry openings after earning his PhD, I notice that my degree in education also offers me many working possibilities

On Thursdays I offer a Bible study to women from the communities. They badly need it: someone praying for them and showing how God dealt with women in the Bible. They recognize me as someone, sent by God, especially to them (they really see it that way) to encourage them. It strengthens them a lot.

Best regards!

Steef en Tineke, White River, Zuid Afrika