Photo Gallery

Burundi (06-2009)

From 6-20 June I made a trip to Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi, to teach 2 weeks at the newly started missions school. There were 14 students, 2 of whom came from the DRC (Congo). In the first week I taught 'Introduction to Missions' and in the second week 'Theology of Missions'. The teaching climate was a bit 'Babylonian' in the sense that my lessons in English were translated into Kirundi and simultaneously into Kiswahili. If we couldn't manage we could still use French. Fortunately I had enough copies of my book with me, in English and in French, so the students could still read what they may not have understood.

At the last day of my teaching, my wallet with foreign currency was stolen from my (locked) hotel room. Then, on the way home, my big suitcase disappeared. When it surfaced a few days later, it was damaged to such an extent that it needs replacement. A claim with the insurance company was not honored. Well, I guess it is a small price to pay in comparison to the hardships of the apostle Paul, and with in view the eternal results this ministry will yield!

At the photos you can see the east side of Lake Tanganyika, the group of students (first with the Principal, later with me) and a photo of the Principal alone. I stayed in the Anglican Guest House (at another photo) for the full 2 weeks.