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Kenya (12-2008)

In December 2008 Daniel van der Zwan and Steef van 't Slot traveled to Kenya for 2 weeks, to teach mission courses to pastors and bible school students. We taught in 2 places: Mombassa, at the coast, and in Mutha, about 200 km east of Nairobi, in a rural area. In the first city we had 22 students, in the second 28 who participated in the complete course and at the end received a certificate of attendance.

We could point out to both groups the nearest unreached people groups (there are about 15 of those in Kenya, although it is counted as one of the most christianized countries of Africa). Especially the second group took initiatives to start with that task.

Traveling on land, at sea and in the air was beautiful, but sometimes very tiring, not in the last place because the temperature rarely came under 30 degrees celsius. Fortunately we enjoyed good health (almost all the time), in spite of the limitations of the second week: no electricity or running water and squat toilets that were visited at night by huge cockroaches.

For Daniel it was the first time he was in Africa, and he loved it. He participated in the teaching program as well. Voor me it was great to have a team mate instead of traveling alone. Anyway, just look at our pictures. The first as well as the last 7 are Daniel's, the rest are mine.

May we ask you to pray for fruit on our ministry, so that in the end the unreached will become reached with the Gospel? Pray for rain too. The mais is still so low, because of the drought, and unless rain comes soon, there will be a famine!