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Kenya & East Asia (06-2008)

During the 1st week we met in Kenya with about 50 people (connected to Bethany Fellowship, USA) from all over the world, to hear from one another what progress has been made with the GO100 Project: establishing 100 training schools for missionaries in the nonwestern world, mainly on the southern hemisphere, between 2002 and 2012. Although we are just over halfway this period the goal has already been reached and new goals have been established. From several directors of these mission schools I received invitations to teach Theology of Missions, in Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, India and Indonesia. The trip to Kenya has been planned for December of this year; the other trips for next year.

The trip to East Asia, the week after Kenya, had to do with the translation of my 3rd book, a course of missions theology in story form for oral learners: it had to be checked on contents and quality of translation. The local leaders were pleased with the result (which was a big relief to me). This course, together with about 40 others, is meant for the training of 100.000 workers that will be sent out. It was a privilege to be invited to write this course and so become involved in what may become the biggest national missions movement in history.