Steef and Tineke lived in South Africa with their four children for 8 years. In 2006 they came back as a family, but Steef kept on traveling to teach his courses on mission awareness throughout Africa. Now that the children are all out of the house and having families of their own, they have decided to work in missions together again.

On this website you can read about their adventures, news when traveling as a blog, and Steef's articles on Bible based missiology. 

May you be blessed as you read on...

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The Training for Workers in Children’s Ministry has been designed by Mrs. Tineke van ‘t Slot (B.Ed.), primary-school teacher, with 35+ years of experience in children’s ministry. It is a three-days course, that can also be held over a weekend. If only one day is available, the basics can be taught without the practical application. 

The course is geared towards people who are involved in children’s ministry in their church or the ones who want to start one. The course is designed in a way that involves the students in an afternoon-practical, so they can take the theory of that morning and put it to work in a children’s church event. If no children are available, the students may take turns in practising and being ‘the audience’.

The course-content consists of the following topics:

  • Why reach a child
  • How does the world affect a child
  • Your relationship to a child
  • The church and the children
  • What does the Bible teach about children
  • Children’s church and the child
  • Who can be a children’s worker
  • How to prepare a lesson
  • How to reflect on your lesson
  • How to set up a curriculum
  • How to teach a child to pray
  • Unanswered prayer and the child
  • How to invite a child to accept Christ
  • Crafts, Games and Drama: when and how to use it
  • Parents and the children’s worker
  • Discipline in the children’s church
  • How to care for the children’s worker

The course can also be taught in Dutch.